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School Marshal

School Marshals

HB 1009, passed by the 83rd legislature, allows public school districts and open enrollment charter schools to appoint School Marshals. The 84th legislature passed SB 386 to include Public two year junior colleges in the list of institutions that can appoint School Marshals.  The 85th legislature passed HB 867, which allows private schools to appoint School Marshals.

The sole purpose of a School Marshal is to prevent the act of murder or serious bodily injury on school premises, and act only as defined by the written regulations adopted by the School Board/Governing Body.

After making application with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, a qualifying institution must send the candidate to an 80 hour training course, conducted by a law enforcement academy that has been specifically prepared to provide the school marshal curriculum.  Among the topics covered in the School Marshal course are: physical security, improving the security of the campus, use of force, active shooter response, and weapon proficiency.  No other course can be substituted or exempt an individual from the specific school marshal training course. 

Appointing Entity Information

The Appointing Entity will be the School Board/Governing Body of a Public School, Open Enrollment Charter School, or a Public two Year Junior College.

Process to appoint a school marshal:

  1. Appointing Entity must submit the completed Appointing Entity Number Application to TCOLE.  This form designates all authorized signatures on forms and paperwork to follow.  (Provided upon request).
  2. Submit a copy of the approved School Board Policy on School Marshals.
  3. Sign the MOU Agreement (provided upon request via DocuSign)
  4. Appointing Entity selects candidate(s) for School Marshal.
    1. Candidate(s) must be an employee(s) of the school or college.
    2. Candidate(s) must hold a valid License to Carry, issued through the Texas Department of Public Safety.  (Copy submitted to TCOLE).
    3. Candidate(s) must pass a psychological exam (TCOLE will provide this form).
    4. Candidate(s) attends/completes TCOLE approved 80 hour School Marshal course.
  5. Appointing Entity submits School Marshal Appointment Form and Fee.  Once approved, a School Marshal license will issue to the candidate(s).  He or she will be authorized to act as a School Marshal, per the written regulations adopted by the School Board/Governing Body.  

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