General Course Reporting Numbers

Courses in this list may be submitted by any law enforcement agency/entity with a TCOLE agency number- no contract with TCOLE is required to report the courses. Please note that some of the courses (FEMA, PoliceOne, etc.) have a specific curriculum required for the course, which that agency/entity may or may choose not to release to others. 

Is your Department conducting a course for continuing education hours and you want to get the word out?  Just a reminder: A course cannot be advertised as “TCOLE approved” or “TCOLE certified.” Instead simply say that this course is eligible for TCOLE credit hours.


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NumberTitleMin HoursMax Hours
1999Personnel Orientation by Dept. Basic Proficiency00
3102Civil Process Exemption by Constable00
3721County Correction Officer Field Training0160
3722Peace Officer Field Training0160
3344Less Lethal Electronic Control Device Training 040
355Annual Firearms Qualification 1701.35500
22129Primary job exemption-SAFVI00
22137Primary job exemption-Cybercrime00
22139Primary job exemption-Crime Prevention00
22141Primary job exemption-Court Security00
6613930Emer Responder Health Monitoring (FEMA IS-930)11
2226Court Room Operations124
6615064FEMA DHS Common Op Picture App (FEMA-IS 0064)11
3372Best practices Training18
2193Electronic Firearm Shot Indicator116
6613325FEMA Earthquake Basics (FEMA IS-325)11
784005DPS- Law Enforcement Fitness Instuctor Cert1999
3110Digital Device Forensics (General)140
3226Sovereign Citizens124
8837Peace Officer and Open Carry Training140
3370Computer-based Offender Tracking140
3371Criminal Intelligence Investigations120
8160Electronic Motorized Vehicle124
667002TDEM Continuity of Operations (COOP)11
6616107FEMA FEMA Travel Rules/Regulations (FEMA IS-107.1611
2191Transgender Training14
2192Animal Handling Training124
8159Enhance Driver Responsibility Program11
77419PoliceOne- Dispatch: Bomb Threats11
77420PoliceOne- Dispatch: Chemical Suicides11
77422PoliceOne- Dispatch: Sovereign Citizens / Domestic11
77423PoliceOne- Dispatch: Stress Management11
77424PoliceOne- Dispatch: Legal Liability11
77425PoliceOne- Dispatch: Ethics11
77426PoliceOne- OnStar Public Safety11
6615019FEMA Supervisors Course (FEMA IS-019.15)12
2121Domestic Canine Training for Law Enforcement18
5314Emergency Breathing Device 124
3350vehicle disabling device18
3622PREA / Your Role Responding to Sexual Abuse13
786204DPS-SOG Basic Rappel112
8880LE Body Worn Camera Operations 116
667001TDEM Conference1100
786211DPS-SOG Fast Rope Helo (Day)18
786212DPS-SOG Fast Rope Helo (Night)18
786213DPS-SOG Fast Rope Tower (Day)18
2190Officer's Emotional Survival 140
66151113FEMA Coastal Barrier Res. Act (FEMA-IS 1113)11
66151106FEMA Mapping Changes (FEMA IS-1106)11
6613276FEMA Benefit Cost Analysis (FEMA IS-276)114
6613280FEMA Overview Eng Prin/Prac Retrofir (FEMA IS-280)11
6617018FEMA EEO Employee Course (FEMA IS-018.17)11
6617106FEMA Workplace Violence Awareness (FEMA-IS-106.17)11
3866EMT Paramedic1100
3699LEMIT- FEMT Fire Executive Management Training 1100
3373Cyber Investigation1100
6617912FEMA Retail Security Awareness (FEMA IS-912)11
3160Property and Evidence Management140
3916Personal Water Craft18
38726Cross Fit Level 2 Trainer114
38727Firearms Instructor Development140
38728Emergency Restraint Chair18
2066Implicit bias and social justice1100
786107DPS-SWAT-Fundamentals Rural Ops1100
77023Civil Rights - Color of Law Training18
667100TDEM Ontro WebEOC-Texas (TDEM TWI-100a)12
3781Child Sex Trafficking and Investigations18
4104Judicial Protection116
3525Mental Illnes-De-escalation Techniques Mission18
6616064FEMA Common Operating Picture App. (FEMA IS-064a)11
3982Swiftwater Rescue1120
6617023FEMA EEO Supervisor Course (FEMA IS-00019.18)11
6060Canine Training General140
66932FEMA Intro to Interagency Sec Comm (IS-1170)11
77297PoliceOne-ADA Compliance in Business11
77296PoliceOne-Intro to Probation11
77295PoliceOne-K-9 Operations11
77294PoliceOne-Safety First: A refresher in Fac. Sec.11
77293PoliceOne-Body Armor & Changing Landscape of Pub. 11
6613064FEMA Homeland Security GeoCONOPS (IS-00060.b)11
3626PREA Comm. Effectively & Prof w/LGBTI Offenders11
6052Chaplaincy for Law Enforcement1100
9910Insurance Fraud1100
66798FEMA Basic Inc. Command Sys for In Resp(IS 200c)14
6617025FEMA Civil Rights & Disaster Asst IS00021.1911
69198NCBRT Intergrated Response to CBRNE Incident120
668909FEMA Bomb-making mat. awareness121
4960Bleeding Control Training12
6614247FEMA DPAS Orient. Def Priorities & Allocation11
2068Procedural Justice124
8004House of Worship Safety & Security1100
8005House of Worship Safety & Security Active Shooter 1100
8006House of Worship Safety & Security Firearms1100
6617029FEMA Managerial Safety & Health IS-00037.1912
22911Crime Stopper Texas12
6613065FEMA Geo. Concept of Oper. in Depth (IS-00061.b)11
3374Recognize & Define an Active Shooter124
1735Trauma - Informed Investigations 140
3884FEMA Intro to Continuity of Ops.11
78411DHS IED Awareness & Security Proceedures11
78412DHS HME & Precursor Awareness for Pub Safety11
5488COVID-19 for Law Enforcement11
2000248LEXIPOL-Infectious & Communicable Diseases11
66282FEMA Understanding Basement Coverage IS-01109.a11
77300PoliceOne- Active Shooter: Phases & Prevention11
77301PoliceOne- Active Shooter 111
77302PoliceOne- Active Shooter: Recognition & Response11
77303PoliceOne- Ambush Awareness & Preparation11
77304PoliceOne- Communication Skills 111
77305PoliceOne- Communication Skills 211
77306PoliceOne- Communication Skills 311
77307PoliceOne- Corrections 111
77308PoliceOne- Corrections 211
77309PoliceOne- Corrections 311
77310PoliceOne- Crowd Control 111
77311PoliceOne- Crowd Control 211
77312PoliceOne- Crowd Control 311
77313PoliceOne- Defensive Tactics 111
77314PoliceOne- Defensive Tactics 211
77315PoliceOne- Defensive Tactics 311
77316PoliceOne- Defensive Tactics 411
77317PoliceOne- Defensive Tactics 511
77318PoliceOne- Defensive Tactics 611
77319PoliceOne- Defensive Tactics 711
77320PoliceOne- Dispatch Communications 111
77321PoliceOne- Edged Weapons 111
77322PoliceOne- Emotional & Pyschological Disorders 111
77323PoliceOne- Equipment Training 111
77324PoliceOne- Firearms Tactics11
77325PoliceOne- Firearms 111
77326PoliceOne- Firearms 211
77327PoliceOne- Firearms 311
77328PoliceOne- Firearms 411
77329PoliceOne- Fitness & Nutrition 111
77330PoliceOne- Fitness & Nutrition 211
77331PoliceOne- Fitness & Nutrition 311
77332PoliceOne- Fitness & Nutrition 411
77333PoliceOne- Fitness & Nutrition 511
77334PoliceOne- Gangs 111
77335PoliceOne- Internet / Technology In LE: 111
77336PoliceOne- Leadership 111
77337PoliceOne- Leadership 211
77338PoliceOne- Leadership 311
77339PoliceOne- Leadership 411
77340PoliceOne- Legal 111
77341PoliceOne- Narcotics Enforcement 111
77342PoliceOne- Off-Duty, Safe & Ready11
77343PoliceOne- Officer Survival 111
77344PoliceOne- Overcome Resistance - Mental Prep11
77345PoliceOne- Patrol 111
77346PoliceOne- Patrol 211
77347PoliceOne- Prep. Response / Challenging Situations11
77348PoliceOne- Pursuit Driving11
77349PoliceOne- Real-Life Video Training 111
77350PoliceOne- Report Writing 111
77351PoliceOne- Report Writing 211
77352PoliceOne- Responding to Emergencies 111
77353PoliceOne- Subject Control 111
77354PoliceOne- Subject Control 211
77355PoliceOne- Tactical Operations 111
77356PoliceOne- Tactical Patrol Considerations11
77357PoliceOne- Terrorism 111
77358PoliceOne- Terrorism 211
77359PoliceOne- Traffic Stops & Safety 111
77360PoliceOne- Traffic Stops & Safety 211
77361PoliceOne- TurboGrants LE Grant Writing Course11
77362PoliceOne- Understanding Excited Delirium Calls11
77363PoliceOne- Using Straight Armbar to Gain Control11
77364PoliceOne- Will to Win 111
77365PoliceOne- Will to Win 211
77366PoliceOne- Will to Win 311
77367PoliceOne- Will to Win 411
3619Amber Alert Training 124
66451FEMA Emer. Prep Fed Employ NCR (FEMA IS-450.NC)11
21000Brady - A Simple Approach (Tx Court of Crim. Appea12
6014Tactical Entry Training 140
3507PREA / Inmate Sexual Assault Prevention18
66914FEMA Surveillance Awareness (FEMA-IS-914)11
3338Law Enforcement Ambush Response116
66916FEMA Critical Infrastructure Security (FEMA IS-91612
66360FEMA Prep for Mass Casualty FEMA (IS-360)13
6046Personal Development124
6047Forensic Art Training 140
66320FEMA Wildfire Mitigation (FEMA IS-320)11
66321FEMA Hurricane Mitigation (FEMA IS-321)11
66322FEMA Flood Mitigation (FEMA IS-322)11
66323FEMA Earthquake Mitigation (IS-323)11
66319FEMA Tornado Mitigation Basics MS12
77022Basic Tactics Instructor Training Program (FLETC)184
66915FEMA Protect Critical Infrastucture (FEMA-IS 915)11
6050Human Trafficking Topics ( Not 3270 or 3271)180
77368PoliceOne- Active Shooter 211
77369PoliceOne- Active Shooter 311
77370PoliceOne- Communication Skill 411
77371PoliceOne- Corrections 411
77372PoliceOne- Defensive Tactics 811
77373PoliceOne- Firearms 511
77374PoliceOne- Investigative Skills 111
77375PoliceOne- Leadership 511
77376PoliceOne- Legal 211
77377PoliceOne- Patrol 311
77378PoliceOne- Patrol 411
77379PoliceOne- Terrorism 311
3347Less Lethal Electronic Control Device Update116
66114FEMA Preparing Fed Disaster Ops (FEMA IS-102c)11
77380PoliceOne- Racial Profiling Part 111
66142001FEMA Threat Hazard ID Risk Asses (FEMA IS-2001)11
6613056FEMA Haz Mat Contingency Plan (FEMA IS-56)11
3792Work Environment Safety Awareness18
6613801FEMA ESF #1 Transportation (FEMA IS-801)11
6613802FEMA ESF #2 Communications (FEMA-802)11
6613804FEMA ESF #4 Firefighting (FEMA IS-804)11
6613806FEMA ESF #6 Mass Care, Assist (FEMA IS-806)11
6613807FEMA ESF #7 Logistics Manage (FEMA IS-807)11
6613808FEMA ESF #8 Public Health/ Med (FEMA IS-808)11
6613809FEMA ESF #9 Search/Rescue (FEMA IS-809)11
6613810FEMA ESF #10 Oil/Haz Mat (FEMA IS-810)11
6613811FEMA ESF #11 Agri/ Nat Resource (FEMA IS-811)11
6613812FEMA ESF #12 Energy (FEMA IS-812)11
6613813FEMA ESF #13 Pub Safe/Security (FEMA IS-813)11
3349Stop Stick11
6614033FEMA Initial Ethics Orientation (FEMA IS- 33.14)11
3208Distracted Driving Law Enforcement14
6614251FEMA IPAWS Public Alert System (FEMA IS-251)12
8813Below 100 116
7821Risk & Safety Management140
387022Crimes Against Children; Interrogation (WZ)125
387023Tatical Field Interviewing (WZ)120
77406PoliceOne- Defensive Tactics Block 911
77407PoliceOne- Defensive Tactics Block 1011
77408PoliceOne- Gangs Block 211
77409PoliceOne- Gangs Block 311
77410PoliceOne- Leadership Block 611
77411PoliceOne- Narcotics Enforcement Block 211
77412PoliceOne- Officer Suvival Block 211
77413PoliceOne- Subject Control Block 311
77414PoliceOne- Traffic Stops 311
77415PoliceOne- Will to Win 511
77416PoliceOne- Will to Win 611
77417PoliceOne- Off-Duty Safety Block 111
77403PoliceOne- LEO Interactions With Canines11
77404PoliceOne- Best Practices in Dangerous Canine Enco11
6613063FEMA Intro DHS Geospatial Info Infra (FEMA IS-63)11
6614524FEMA Continuity of Ops (FEMA IS-524)124
6613772FEMA IA PDA Orientation (FEMA IS-772)11
3402DWI/DUI Detection and Enforcement1120
3403Selective Traffic Enforcement1120
3404Traffic Stops1120
3511Booking Procedures1120
3512Fire and Life Safety1480
3513Identification of Prison Gangs1120
3514Jail Administration1120
3515Prisoner Screening Techniques1120
3516Processing Inmates1120
3517Suicide Prevention 1120
3615Children at Risk1120
3616DARE (not 3950 or 3951)1120
3617Juvenile Issues1120
3618Missing / Run Away Children1120
3751Effective Leadership / Leadership Training1200
3752Manpower Distribution Techniques1120
3753Motivation Techniques1120
3754Police Administration1120
3755Budget and Planning Strategies1120
3757Selection and Promotion1120
3850DNA, General1120
3851Breathalyzer / Intoxilyzer1120
3852Communications Operations / 9111120
3853Computer Aided Dispatch1120
3854Computer Operations1120
3855Fingerprint Identification1120
3856First Aid / EMT / ECA (not course 3830)1320
3857Foreign Language1120
3870Psychological Profiling Techniques1120
3871Stress Manangement1120
3911Community Programs1120
3912Community Relations1120
3913Community Volunteers1120
3914Directed Patrol1120
4052Hearing Disabilities1120
4053Sight Disabilities1120
4054Speech Disabilities1120
4061Abuse of the Elderly1120
38061Weapons of Mass Destruction - General1120
38701Curriculum Development1120
38703Lesson Plan Development1120
38704Use of Instructional Media1120
38705Basic PowerPoint1120
38706Advanced PowerPoint1120
38707Needs Assessment1120
38708Task Analysis1120
38709Adult Learning Theory1120
38710Student Behaviors1120
38711Training and the Generation Gap1120
38712Evaluation and the Training Process1120
38713e-Learning and Web Based Applications1120
38714Developing Effective Distance Education1120
38715Public Speaking1120
38718Liability and the Training Process1120
38720Writing Skills for Trainers1120
3858School Resource Officer1120
77001Animal Control Procedures [FLETC DE]13
381200Financial Investigations Practical Skills (FIPS)136
3150Law Update1120
3151Health and Safety Code1120
3280Criminal Investigation - General1300
3282Field Notetaking140
3284Hate Crimes1120
3285Identification Techniques - General 1120
3340Crowd Control1120
3341Police K9 Training1360
3342Tactical Firearms Training1120
3343Less Lethal Chemical Weapons Training (OC, Mace, e1120
3358Police Bicycle1120
3880Environmental Law Enforcement 1120
3896Technical/Specialized Seminar18
3901Family Violence1100
3902Crime Prevention In-Service1100
3904Cultural Awareness1100
3908Law Enforcement and the Elderly1100
3910Sexual Harassment Recognition1100
3920Ethics in Law Enforcement199
3930Ethics - General In-Service Training199
3940Community Policing1199
5103The Telecommunicator and Stress1100
5201Concepts and Functions of Law Enforcement1100
6011Alcohol/Drug Abuse Recognition1100
6012Health/Physical Fitness/Stress1100
6023Background Investigations116
66002FEMA Emergency Prep, USA (FEMA IS-2)110
66195FEMA Basic ICS (FEMA IS-195)110
66386FEMA Intro Resid Coast Constr (FEMA IS-386)114
3820Introductory Spanish for Law Enforcement199
3830General First Aid Training140
3796Management/Supervision Seminar1160
3799Staff Training180
3801TCIC/NCIC (not 3807 or 3802)140
3804HIV Aids & Viral Hepatitis in Criminal Justice1100
3806Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat)/ Haz Mat Investigati1100
3810Spanish - General In-Service Training1100
4000Bombs and Explosive Devices1250
4004Fingerprint Classification1100
4005Fingerprints Latent1100
4006Forensic Science1400
4012Police Photography (Adv)1100
4013Polygraph Examiner1400
4019Blood Stain/Pattern Interpretation1100
4021Video Techniques1100
4029Aircraft Operations1100
4040Mental Impairment (General)199
4042Developmental Disabilities124
4050General Disability199
3196Law Seminar140
3201Sexual Assault199
3211Family Violence Correspondence14
3304Hostage and Barricade Suspect Situations140
3305Active Shooter Response140
3320Terrorism & Homeland Security (General)180
3506Legal Issues for Jail Personnel1100
3510Municipal Jail Training1120
3550Command and Control Volume, 1 Programs136
3551Command and Control, Volume 2 Programs124
3552Command and Control, Volume 3 Programs124
3601Recognition of Child Abuse or Neglect1100
3396Patrol/Tactical Seminar140
3720Telecommunications Operator Field Training 1160
2001Code of Criminal Procedure1100
2003Constitutional Law1100
2005Penal Code1100
2007Victims Compensation Act1100
2008Family Code1100
2010Auto Theft/Motor Vehicle Inv.1100
2011Advanced Criminal Inv.1100
2012Arson Inv.1150
2013Burglary/Adv. Burglary Inv.1100
2015Child Abuse Prevention/Invest.1350
2016Collection & Pres. of Evidence1100
2017Crime Scene Investigation1100
2018Development/Use of Informants1100
2019Fraud and Bunco Inv.1100
2020Homicide/Assult Inv.1100
2022Hypnosis - All Others1100
2023Major Crimes Inv.1100
2024Narcotics/Dangerous Drug Inv.1120
2025Organized Crime1100
2026Robbery and Theft Inv.1100
2027Sex Crimes/Sexual Harrassment1100
2028Surveillance Techniques1100
2029Tech. Interviewing & Interrog.1100
2030Vice and Gambling Inv.1100
2031White Collar Crimes1100
2035Crime Victims/Family Violence1100
2037Crime against Persons1100
2038Crime against Property1100
2040Defensive Tactics1100
2042Mechanics of Arrest & Search1100
2045Patrol Procedures1150
2047Officer Survival/Weapon Retent1100
2048Recog/Handle Abnormal People1100
2049Report Writing - general1100
2050S.W.A.T. (other than 3301 or 3310)1100
2051Terrorism/Dign Prot/Spe Threat1100
2052Hostage Negotiations1100
2053Baton (All)1100
2056Toxic Chem/Radioactive Mat1100
2057Courtroom Demeanor/Testimony1100
2058Patrol w/Horse or Canine1500
2070Accident Investigations1108
2071Accident Reconstruction1100
2072Traffic Law1100
2075Traffic Direction1100
2084Jail/Correction Inservice1100
2085Alcohol&Drug Abuse Awareness for Law Enforcement1100
2090Delinquency Prevention1100
2091Family Code-Juvenile Law1100
2093Juvenile Procedures1100
2094Invest. of Juvenile Offenders1100
2095Use of Force (Non-Intermediate Core Course)1100
2096Arrest, Search & Seizure (Non-Intermediate Core Co1100
2098Alcoholic Beverage Code1100
2099Parks & Wildlife Code1100
3006Develop of Policy & Procedures1100
3008Executive Development1120
3009Supervision (other than TCOLE 3701, 3710, 3711, 1100
3010Leadership Training1100
3012Management Theory1100
3015Organizational Theory1100
3016Personnel Evaluation1100
3018Police Labor Relations1100
3022Records System Management1100
3023Principles of Decision Making1100
3026Utilization of the Media1100
3027Verbal/Nonverbal Communication1100
3030Answering EEO Complaints1100
3032Basic Principles of Supervision1100
3033Managing Marginal Performers1100
3037Liabilities of Supervisor/Manager1100
38700General Instructor Development1120
67201IRS-Financial Information Sources 18
3103Civil Law1100
3890Public Safety Diver, General1120
3891Water Rescue1120
3892Underwater Recovery - Persons1120
3893Underwater Evidence Recovery1120
3312ALERRT Update124
66250FEMA Emergency Support Function (FEMA IS-250)11
66821FEMA Critical Infra and Key Res Support (FEMA IS-811
66836FEMA Nuclear/Radiological Incident (FEMA IS-836)11
3921Advanced Ethics18
66820FEMA Intro to NRF Support Annexes (FEMA IS-820)11
57004Emotional Intelligence - Response Network18
66520FEMA Intro Planni/ndemic Influ (FEMA IS-520)11
3738Dale Carnegie Course (Effective Communications)180
3287Animal Investigations/Law148
3159Property Seziure and Forfeiture (General)140
3359Police Motorcycle1120
3881Emergency Management (General Number)180
3859Campus Based Emergency Training (General)180
4100Information Technology (General)140
4101Operational Information Security116
3345Less Lethal Impact Weapons Training (Bean Bag/Impa1120
66107FEMA Travel Rules and Regulations (FEMA IS-107.10)11
66403FEMA Intro/Individ Assist (FEMA IS-403)11
66890FEMA Intro Interagency Security Comm (FEMA IS-890)11
66245FEMA Intro Def Prior/Alloca Sys (FEMA IS 245a)11
53201Death Investigation for Law Enforcement140
6029IADLEST Annual Training Conference140
2064Courtroom Security1100
3844Crisis Training/Peer support140
4031Tatical Flight Observer Training1120
3333Border Violence Issues-General140
3258Racial Profiling Update110
3407Highway Drug Interdiction180
3408Roadside Interview Techniques/patrol activities180
3909Consular Notification14
3289Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs140
66103FEMA Deployment Basics(FEMA IS-101a)11
66023FEMA Diversity Awareness (FEMA IS-20.1111
3334Firearms Electronic Simulator124
5310Emergency Medical Dispatch140
3308Officer Safety/Survival140
66906FEMA Workplace Security Aware(FEMA IS-906)11
66907FEMA Active Shooter (FEMA IS-907)11
3717Social Media-Networking124
3882COMET/NOAA Weather Recognition Training18
1998Americans with Disabilities Act140
66830FEMA Intro NRF Incident Annexes(FEMA IS-830)11
61000FAA - Aircraft Ramp Check Ops for LE18
3915Sexting/phone/cyber messaging16
3038Agency Operations (General)1160
6016Security Awareness (General)140
3291Sex Offender Registration Training124
38724Elite CEU False Alarm Reduction 101 Causes and Imp11
66893FEMA Fac Sec Lvl Deter Fed Fac (FEMA IS-891)11
3039Conflict Resolution140
66549FEMA Contin Ops Awarenes (FEMA IS-546.12)11
69122NCBRT Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts120
69190NCBRT Foundational Awareness of Weapons of Mass De11
69193NCBR Effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terror11
69194NCBRT Effects of Weapons of Mass Destruction/Terro11
69192NCBRT Effects of Mass Destruction/Terrorism Incide11
69195CCBRT Disaster Mental Health Considerations During11
3922Off Duty Encounters140
66909FEMA Comm Prep SIM/ACT (FEMA IS-909)11
4043Mobile Video Training18
66908FEMA Emer Mang Senior Offic (FEMA IS-908)11
2065Lidar Radar Training124
3292Pipeline Safety Training124
3835Tactical Trauma Care184
66109FEMA Privacy Awareness Train (FEMA IS-109)11
66059FEMA Hazardous Materials Contin Plan (FEMA IS-59)11
66923FEMA Perf. Manage Goal Writing (FEMA IS-923)11
66920FEMA Perf. Manage. Prog. (FEMA IS-920)11
57011Officer Survival.160
66720FEMA Intro to NET Guard (FEMA IS-720)11
3329SWAT-Use of Distraction Devices18
2086Jail Extraction18
2529Red Dot Optics Firearms Training140
8882Mental Health140
67011FEMA Response Consid During Outbreak/Pandemic11
65971FEMA Social Media Strat for LE11
65972FEMA LE Resp to Recent Protest Mov.11
65973FEMA Autism Awareness for Emer Services11
65968FEMA Chem Sector Sec Awareness Training11
65969FEMA Decontamination for LE11
3296New Detective Course140
3375Dealing w/Persons in Crisis130
3395Critical Incident De-Escalation140
65967FEMA A Deadly Dose:Fent, Opioids, & 1st Responder11
5112Seasonal Affective Disorder Awareness11
667000FEMA General Reporting140
3450EEO-General Training15
3273SAFVIC-Advanced Instructor Course18
77089Vehicle Paper Plate Fraud22
2530Duty to Intervene220
20006Large Truck and Bus Traffic Enf Training- basic22
37014TPCAF - Leadership Primer28
66873FEMA Preparedness for Child Care Prov IS-00036.a22
3413TxDOT_On Road to Zero: How to Best Complete CR322
5317Active Bystandership in LE Annual Refresher22
3410EDR use in Accident Reconstruction240
3328SWAT legal and liability training28
66454FEMA Fundamentals Risk Manage (FEMA IS-454)22
57012RADAR - Operations and Use24
57013U.S. Supreme Court Legal Updates24
57006Avoiding Ethnic and Sexual Harassment 24
57007Bloodbourne Pathogens24
57008Community Policing/Customer Service24
57010Maintaining Mental Health in Law Enforcement28
3791Police Command Staff Training2400
3293Eyewitness Identification Training (Not Mandate)240
3207Tax Code - Investigations / Law240
38763SABA ( Self Aid, Buddy Aid )224
3318ALERRT First Responders Operating in Low - Light224
66037FEMA Multihazard Plan/Childcare (FEMA IS-36)22
66203FEMA Forms Devel. Inc. Plan (FEMA IS-201)23
3864Manual Breaching220
3132Search Warrants (Writing)240
66660FEMA Intro/Private Partner (FEMA IS-660)22
3288Animal Control Officer Training240
69118NCBRT Awareness and Response to Biological Events22
66559FEMA Local Damage Assess(FEMA IS-559)22
3846P.T.S.D. Related Training240
66248FEMA Alert System (IPAWS) (FEMA IS-247)22
3206Professional Standards/Internal Investigations Tra240
66029FEMA PIO Awareness (FEMA IS-29)28
3326Patrol Rifle Inservice Training ( Not 3322 )28
3954School Based Law Enforcement Training General240
3872Scuba Emergency Managment Training240
3509Fire related investigations2150
66402FEMA ICS Overview Execs/Senior Offs (FEMA G-402)23
3104Tire Deflation Device Training24
3324SWAT Sniper Training280
66633FEMA Intro to Debris Operations (FEMA IS-632a)22
66892FEMA Phys.Secutiry Fed. Facilities (FEMA IS-892)22
3360Segway Training28
66075FEMA Military Resources Emergency (FEMA IS-75)22
66265FEMA Basic Instructor Skills (FEMA IS-265)22
3336CNA Intro Homeland Security Risk Management22
5311Law Enforcement Dispatch 236
5312Fire Service Dispatch236
5313911 Liability for Telecommunicators28
5305Domestic Violence Intervention for Telecommunicato216
5306Hostage Negotiaions for Telecommunicators224
5307Suicide Intervention for Telecommunicators216
5308Protecting Law Enforcement Responders216
5309Active Shooter Response for Telecommunicators216
66395FEMA Risk Assess Database (FEMA IS-395)22
66552FEMA Pub Works/Emerg Mang (FEMA IS-552)22
66420FEMA Implement Emer FoodShelter NBP (FEMA IS-420)22
66551FEMA Devolution Planning (FEMA IS-551)22
3845CPR 216
8001Retirement Planning for Law Enforcement28
66872FEMA Dams Sector-Prot Measure (FEMA IS-872)22
66871FEMA Dams Sector Security Awareness (FEMA IS-871)22
68101Information Collection on Patrol (MIPT)23
66870FEMA Dams Sector: Crisis Management (FEMA IS-870)22
66704FEMA NIMS Comm& Info Management (FEMA IS-704)22
57001Use of Force - Response Network24
57002Applied Ethics Becoming an Exemplary PO - Response24
57003Domestic Violence - Response Network24
2104Certified Crime Prevention Specialist ICJS22
3812TDD/TTY for Telecommunicators216
66706FEMA NIMS Intrastate Mutual Aid Intro (FEMA IS-70622
2183Drug Recognition Expert Managers Course28
3332Intro to Domestic Terrorism (State & Local) CD24
3303Law Enforcement Officer Flying Armed - (FAA)28
66547FEMA Intro Continuity/Ops (COOP) (FEMA IS-547a)22
66630FEMA Intro Public Assistance Process (FEMA IS-630)24
66100FEMA Intro ICS24
77012Public Safety Liability FLETC DE22
77013Roadblock Procedures & Considerations FLETC DE22
66860FEMA Nat Infrastructure Pro Plan (FEMA IS-860a)22
77010Patrol Preparation Procedures FLETC DE22
77016Vehicle Searches FLETC DE22
77017Vehicle Stop Procedures FLETC DE22
6613103FEMA GIS Specialist (FEMA IS-103)22
6613453FEMA Intro Homeland Security Plan (FEMA IS-453)22
77405PoliceOne- Pursuit Driving Fundamentals22
3040Traffic Control Operations28
8003Michael Morton Act 216
77402PoliceOne- LEO Incidents Encounters With Canines22
6614368FEMA People Dis. Func Needs (FEMA IS-368)22
77381PoliceOne- Racial Profiling Part 2:Data Collection22
6045Campus Based Training - Clery Act240
5109Radio Use and Interoperability Training216
3847Excited Delirium Syndrome216
6037Honor Guard Training260
6036Home Invasion Investigations240
667608FEMA Disaster Recovery (FEMA G-608)28
6019Policy Instruction and Review28
4102Online Information Sharing Systems216
3518Assessing for Suicide, Medical, and Mental Impairm26
6030Tactical Vehicle Traffic Stops & Extractions 224
6032Assessment Center and Oral Board Preperation 28
57018Developing a Winning Mind216
57020Aftermath of a Critical Incident28
57021Developing a Winning Mind for Women216
3106Conference ( General )275
3822Criminal Justice Practitioner NCIC/TCIC22
3362All Terrain Vehicle Operation240
6043License Plate Reader Operations28
66281FEMA Intro to Flood Claims IS 0111222
66043FEMA Safety Orientation22
3725Field Training Officer Update240
4055Understanding Communication Impediment22
3050Tax Code - Cig/Tobacco Tax Inv.240
3051Tax Code - Motor Fuel Tax Inv.240
3052Tax Code - Sales & Use Tax Inv.ge240
3053Tax Code - Coin Op Machine Tax Inv240
3054Tax Code - Motor Vehicle Tax Inv240
3055Tax Code - Otyher Tax Inv.240
3056Tax Code - Inv. General In Service240
3057Tax Code - Tax Auditing/Analysis for Inv240
65999FEMA Public Infor Officer Awareness IS00029.a27
667067FEMA Emer Planning for Campus Exec FEMA G367299
667631Integrating Mental Health& Edu. Approaches into CV22
67009FEMA Facility Security Committees (FEMA IS-01174)22
66933FEMA Intro to Incident Command Sys(FEMA IS-00100.c24
66140FEMA Exercise Design and Development216
77299PoliceOne-Arrest, Search, & Seizure (4th Amendment22
77298PoliceOne-Using Social Media for Investigations22
66396FEMA Intro to Hazard Mitigation (FEMA IS-393b)23
66804FEMA Natl Prep. Goal & Sys Overview(FEMA IS-2000)22
3770FBI NAA Annual Conference224
6616951FEMA DHS Radiio Interop (FEMA IS-951)22
3836Concealed Carry for Law Enforcement Officers224
667317FEMA Community Emer Respsonse Team CERT224
8815Building Search 240
788048Intro to Pub/Safety Broadband22
77421PoliceOne- Dispatch: Missing Pesons/Sexual Exploit22
6613662FEMA Improve Prep Pub/Priv (FEMA IS-662)22
6613794FEMA External Affairs Progarm (FEMA IS-794)22
77418PoliceOne- Dispatch: Active Shooter22
3107IACP Conference240
4044Unmanned Aircraft/Drone2100
3041Oral Interviews-Hiring Process224
8158Body Worn Camera24
4066Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injury28
4033Drone Training224
4069Veterans-PTSD and related injuries216
2227Vehicle Contraband Training224
6616216FEMA Unified Fed Review Process (FEMA IS-216)33
6616246FEMA Implement Defense (DPAS) (FEMA IS-246.16)33
78314AWR314 Mass Prophylaxis Awareness33
66151107FEMA Adjuster Customer Service (FEMA IS-1107)33
3620PREA / Inv. Sexual Abuse in a Confinement Setting316
3621PREA / Health Care for Sexual Assault Vic. in conf33
6615212Unified Hazard Mitigation Assist (FEMA IS-212b)33
38603Natonal Institute for Correctons Incident Command-33
66119FEMA Intro to Exercises (FEMA IS-120c)35
66801FEMA Natl Resp Framework, an Intro FEMA IS-800.d33
66802FEMA Natl Mitig. Framework, intro (FEMA IS-2700)33
66803FEMA Natl Prot. Framework, Intro (FEMA IS-2600)33
6616040FEMA Haz Mit Fld Mgt in Dist Ops (FEMA IS-00162)33
66129How to be ab Exercise Eval (FEMA IS-130.a)33
66799Natl Resp Framework, an Intro (FEMA IS-800.c)33
3625PREA Coor. Roles & Responsibilities33
3627PREA Audit Process & Instr. Overview33
667630Countering Violent Extremist Narratives (AWR365W)33
6615213Unified Fed Review Adv Trng: overview of UFR33
667371TEEX Active Attack Event Resp. Leadership34
667200FEMA Texas Public Officials Workshop (G-200)33
667624TDEM Maximize Reimbursements33
3522TCJS Required Reporting 34
6614284FEMA Substantial Damage Est. (FEMA IS-284)33
6613315FEMA CERT Sup. Train ICS (FEMA IS-315)33
6613523FEMA Resilient Accord Cyber Inc (FEMA IS-523)33
6612910FEMA Emer. Man. Prep Funda (FEMA IS- 910a)33
661900FEMA NDMS FedCoord Center Ops (FEMA IS-1900)33
77011Professionalism and Ethics FLETC DE33
77006High Risk Felony Stops FLETC DE33
77009Overview of Local, State & Fed Agencies FLETC DE33
77003Community Policing FLETC DE33
77004Crime Scene Procedures FLETC DE33
66700FEMA National ICS (FEMA IS-700a)34
66702FEMA NIMS Public Info System (FEMA IS-702a)33
66800FEMA National Resp Plan Intro (FEMA IS-800b)33
77015Traffic Control Procedures FLETC DE33
66240FEMA Leadership and Influence (FEMA IS-240)39
66293FEMA Mission Assignment Overview - (FEMA IS-293)33
66901FEMA Section 508 Awareness (FEMA IS-901)33
66098FEMA 100FDA Intro ICS (FEMA IS-100 FDA)33
66097FEMA Into ICS Fed Workers (FEMA IS-100FWa)33
66094FEMA Intro ICS Law Enforcement33
66201FEMA ICS Single Res/Initial Incident (FEMA IS-200b33
66202FEMA Apply ICS Healthcare Org (FEMA IS-200HCa)33
66212FEMA Intro Unified Haz Mit (FEMA IS-212)33
66369FEMA Multi Haz Emer Plan School320
66554FEMA Emer Plan Pub Works (FEMA IS-554)33
66556FEMA Dam Asses Pub Work (FEMA IS-556)33
66558FEMA Pub Works Dis Recovery (FEMA IS-558)33
66922FEMA Apps of GIS/ Emer Manage (FEMA IS-922)33
66910FEMA Emer Manage Prep Fundamentals (FEMA IS-910)33
66056FEMA Household Haz Materials (FEMA IS-55a)34
66144FEMA TERT Telcom Emer Reps Task (FEMA IS-144)33
66042FEMA Social Media in Emer Manage (FEMA-IS 00042)33
66921FEMA Implement Critical Infra Prot.Prog 33
667611FEMA Public Assistance Donated Resource IS-102033
67012FEMA Intro to Emer Mgmt for Higher Ed - IS 0036333
3603Telecommunicator (general training)4100
5111TC 911 - Studious Dispatcher44
20007Large Truck/Bus Traffic Enf Training- TnT44
2831IDD Training for Jailers416
667139FEMA Intro to Radiological/Nuclear/WMD Ops44
786Cardiac Emergency Communication48
663663FEMA Crisis Leaderhip44
3317ALERRT First Responder Breaching424
3849Post Critical Incident Training440
3860Prevention and response to Suicide Bombings(NMIMT)440
58003Apperance and Performance of Enhancing Drugs48
3327Low light tactical operations training440
3865Ballistic Breaching416
21001Intro to Court Security44
21002Baliff Functions44
21004Explosives Recognition and Awarness480
21005Intro to Court Security Technology44
21010Advanced Court Security Technology44
21011Court Security Emergency Planning44
21012Certified Court Security Professional44
3821Diversionary Device Training440
3614CPS Overview44
3409Crash Reporting & Analysis Course (TXDOT)44
69117NCBRT Preparing Communities for Agroterrorism44
69197NCBRT ECORE Disaster Life Support44
3819Telecommunicator Emergency Task Force Team Leader 48
3346Pursuit Intervention Technique ( PIT)424
66027FEMA Orientation/ FEMA Logistics (FEMA IS-27)44
3290Handwriting Analysis440
66199FEMA Funct Needs Plan Serv/supp (FEMA IS-197SP)44
381018Identity Theft Investigations 420
4062Elderly Driver Recognition (NHTSA)48
3817Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce-TERT416
2063Occupant Protection Strategies- NHTSA44
66026FEMA Guide to Points of Distrib (FEMA IS-26)44
2182NHTSA - Older Drivers48
66775FEMA EOC Management and Operation (FEMA IS-775)414
50141st Responder to Computer Crimes44
66197FEMA Special Need Plan Consid (FEMA IS-197)44
3929Ethical Decision Making44
66000FEMA Homeland Security Planning for Campus Executi46
2181NHTSA - DITEP424
66111FEMA Livestock in Disaster (FEMA IS-111)410
66011FEMA Animals Disaster Comm. Plan (FEMA IS-11a)44
66015FEMA Spec Eve Con Plan PS Agen (FEMA IS-15b)44
66244FEMA Develop/Managing Volunteers (FEMA IS-244)410
66331FEMA Intro to Radiological Emergency Prep 410
56002Sudden Custody Death Syndrome TPCT44
5205Communication Systems and Technology4160
3907MultiCultural Diversity/Awarness for L.E. Prof.4100
3905MultiCultural Awarness Pgm for Crim. Just. Prof.4100
77005Criminal Justice System Components FLETC DE44
77002Civil Complaint Procedures FLETC DE44
3203Beginning DNA CD-Rom by NIJ48
3204Advanced DNA CD-Rom by NIJ48
3310SWAT Inservice Training460
3713Incident Command Simulation Training480
3401Commercial Driver's License Law Course4100
4051People that are Deaf or Hard of Hearing440
2062Occupant Protection Usage and Enforcement499
66133328FEMA Plan Review Local Mitigation (FEMA IS-328)44
8002Finance/Budget for Law Enforcement Personnel435
6613822FEMA Fundamentals Man/Support (FEMA IS-822)44
6614545FEMA Recon Planning Course (FEMA-IS 545)44
7771Barricades and Cover 420
7822Rights of Minors48
7823Law Enforcement Boat Operations4100
3523Inmate Transport424
3829Tactical First Aid424
78111AWR Basic EMS Concepts CBRNE AWR-111-W44
787700DPS-Leading Generations416
3519Objective Jail Classification44
3520What to Expect During an Inspection48
6614525FEMA Guardian Accord Workshop (FEMA IS-525)44
667628TDEM Infrastructure Damage Assessment44
3964BOAT Officer Water Survival Course (TPWD)4100
3968BOAT Basic Operator/Crew member Course (TPWD)4100
7800Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs TNOA44
7801Pharmaceutical Diversion Investigations TNOA44
7802Southwest Border Intel TNOA44
7803Overdose / Conspiracy Investigations TNOA44
7804Aryan Brotherhood Investigations TNOA44
7805Drug Endangered Children TNOA44
7806Current Drug Trends TNOA44
7807Advanced Undercover Violence TNOA48
7808Highway Interdiction TNOA44
7809Patron Saints of the Mexican Underworld TNOA410
7810Sex Drugs and Social Networking TNOA44
7811Drug Crisis - Bath Salts and Opiates TNOA44
7812Intel EPIC Trends TNOA44
7813Law Enforcement Officer Liability TNOA44
7814Narcotics K9 Response TNOA44
62040Defensive Tactics - Canine Encounters (Proprietary48
3361Armored Vehicle Driving Course416
4103Financial Crimes440
6051Police Chaplain Training440
54011Incident Resp. Terror Bombing NMTech427
57014Cultural Diversity (Not 3939) 44
57015Policing the mentally ill 44
66254FEMA Enviro/Historic Preservation (FEMA 253.a)44
57019Bulletproof Mind and Mental Preparation For Combat416
3931Defensive Driving416
6033Rail Grade and Crossing Accident Investigations416
6031Child Safety Seat Instruction and Enfrocement432
667557FEMA Rapid Assessment Workshop (FEMA G-557)44
6034Grant Writing/Grant Managment416
6035Crime Analysis Course440
6038Public Information Officer Training440
667627FEMA Residential Damage Assess (FEMA G-627)44
1827Epinephine AutoInjector48
66964FEMA Basic Emer Oper Ctr Functions IS-220044
667632Comm. Led Action in Resp. to Violent Extremeism(AW44
3215Youth Crisis Intervention440
66707FEMA NIMS Resource Management (FEMA IS-703b)44
3378ALERRT Civilian Response and Casualty Care TtT416
66699FEMA Intro National Incident MGMT (IS-700.b)44
21015Court Security Specialist Update44
8811NHI National Traffic Incident Management-13312644
3698Blue Courage Master Class 48
3823Tactical Operators Training4360
8814Traffic Management440
62041Texas Specific-Shoot Don't Shoot 48
667615TDEM Orientation Disaster Dist Emerg Op (T-615)44
3295Reality Based Training/Shoot House440
9909Officer Involved Shooting440
3108Protective Order Issuance44
78136AWR 136 Essentials of Community Cybersecurity44
6616505FEMA Religious/Cultural Literacy (FEMA IS-505)45
667343FEMA Hurricane Awareness (FEMA G-343)44
3390Ballistic Shield Training440
66161200FEMA TERT Team Leader Course (FEMA IS-1200)44
3363Aerial Platform SWAT training424
3980Warrant Service424
3981Postal Investigations424
3352Spike Strips (TtT)44
3765FBI-First Responder Course in Cyber Investigations55
66151104FEMA NFIP Claims Review Adjusters (FEMA IS-1104)55
66550FEMA Continuity Exer Design Course (FEMA IS-550)55
66128FEMA Exercise Conduct, Eval & Improv Planning528
77021Suspicious Activity Reporting Training FLETC55
66632FEMA Introduction to Debris Ops (FEMA IS-632)55
66701FEMA NIMS Multi Coordi Sys(MACS) (FEMA IS-701a)55
66235FEMA Emergency Planning (FEMA IS-235)510
66120FEMA Introduction to Exercises (FEMA IS-120a)55
69119NCBRT Shopping Center Security Terrorism Awareness55
3744FBI Cart ImageScan System66
52003Advanced Medical in Jail Setting68
66326FEMA Community Tsunami Prep (FEMA IS-326)66
382006NW3C Intellectual Property Rights 67
66001FEMA Emergency Manager: An Orientation (FEMA IS-1)610
381012Cyber Investigation 100 ISEE 66
66366FEMA Plan/Needs Children/ Disaster (FEMA IS-366)66
52002What Jail Staff needs to Know Jail Care System66
3862National WMD Standardized Awareness66
6018Motorcycle Operators Course672
382010NW3C Targeting Investiment Fraud68
3967BOAT Operations/Crew Search and Rescue Course (TPW650
667230FEMA Fundamentals Emergency Managment616
6614317FEMA Introduction to CERT (FEMA IS-317)66
6614526FEMA Mission Essential Functions (FEMA IS-526)616
6613619FEMA Research Train/Education (FEMA IS-619)66
660230Fundamentals of Emergency Management (FEMA IS-230d66
6617633FEMA Debris Management Plan Devel (FEMA IS-633)66
78209AWR209-W Dealling with Media-Rural First Responder66
667601TDEM Disaster Accounting 101 (T-600.a)68
667357TDEM Emer Resp Criminal and Terrorist (G-357)66
3042LEA0815 Questioning66
3959MASTT Maritime Awareness Security/Training66
663662FEMA Senior Officials Workshop Haz Prep66
3414Sex Trafficking66
8816Mental Health First Aid78
66931FEMA Pri Scrn/Prsnl Radn Detr PRD(FEMA PER-243)77
6613031FEMA Mitigation eGrants (FEMA IS-031a)77
66301FEMA Radiological Emergency Response (FEMA IS-301)710
66631FEMA Public Assistance Operations I (FEMA IS-631)77
381020VIN Cloning & Motor Vehicle Title Fraud 77
55047Law Enforcement Driving Safety School -MSR Houston816
3405Motorcycle Safety and Enforcement Training (MSET)816
3286Eyewitness Evidence/Identification (Mandate)840
58001Tactical Emergency Medical Peace Officer - Basic P824
3895Basic Boat Operations832
66522FEMA Exer Contin. Plans Pandemics (FEMA IS-522)88
3818TEEX WMD Command Concepts (Manage100)88
382009NW3C 1 Day Secure Onsite Preview - Fast Track88
21003Court Screening Basics88
3955G.R.E.A.T. Program Training860
21006Court Security Practical Excercise88
21007Court Security Practical Firearms88
21008Managing the Court Security Function88
21009High Risk Trial Planning and Operations88
387020Criminal Interview and Interrogation Techniques840
3889Tactical Maritime Based Operations Training856
3225Technology Related Crimes Against Children 816
58002Tactical First Aid - PerSys Medical88
67001FEMA CBRNE LE Protective Measures TtT816
67002FEMA CBRNE LE Response Actions88
67003FEMA CBRNE Intermediate Hands-on88
3105Executive Protection Training880
56003Excited Delirium Syndrome Training816
52004Jail Psychiatric Care System88
20001IADLEST - Pursuit Policy Train the Trainer88
66241FEMA Decision Making /Probl Solving (FEMA IS-241)88
3906Cultural Diversity for Texas Law Enforcement8100
3950DARE Officer Training8100
3960Marine Safety Enforcement Officer8200
5101Basic Concepts of Interpersonal Communication8100
5102Effective Commun. in Crisis or Conflict Situations8100
5106Communication Devices8100
5107Practical Utilization of TDD in Telecommunications8100
5203General 9-1-1 Functions8100
56001First Responder TPCT88
5304The Telecommunicator as a Trainer and Supervisor8100
53057Report Writing for Increased Convictions (LERC)88
54001Intro to Incident Command System (C-B)88
3330Emergency Response to Terrorism Distance Education88
3306Tactical Tracking8100
3307Search and Rescue8100
6614156FEMA Building Design HS Ops (FEMA IS-156)88
3412Fugitive Apprehension840
667310TDEM Hurricane Read -Inland Comms (TDEM G-310)88
3521The Basics of Minimum Jail Standards88
6614242FEMA Effective Communicatiion (FEMA IS-242)88
3348Simunition Scenario824
7819Mass Casualty Training / Planning 840
78232AWR Mass Fatality Plan Rural Response88
5487Commercial Motor Vehicle Interdiction824
3963BOAT Airboat Operations Course (TPWD)850
667324FEMA Hurricane Evac88
7815Operator Standards TNOA88
7816Narcotics Plainclothes Response TNOA88
7817Undercover Weapons TNOA88
7818TNOA Tactical Shooting Challenge TNOA816
6044Statement Development and Analysis840
6049Forensic Mapping840
1995Goverment Law and Liability816
667366TDEM Planning Needs of Children in Disasters88
3411Crash Data Recorder Retrieval 816
667140FEMA WMD Rad/Nuc Awareness TtT (FEMA AWR-140)88
667133FEMA HM Explosives-Aware/Recog/Resp (NMT HMEARR)88
6017Reducing Impaired Driving Adult/Youth824
6048Canine Handlers Training 8560
667191FEMA ICS Emer. Op. Center (FEMA G-191)88
3718Advanced Field Training Officer840
2229Maritime Pistol Course88
2230Maitime Carbine Course88
78409DHS-BMAP-MGT 450 88
668908FEMA Env. Hlth. Trng. Emer. Resp (FEMA IS-00305)88
69171NCBRT Active Threat Integrated Response TTT88
2528Basic Force Science840
667629FEMA Damage Assment Op Training(IS-01160)88
53271TX Inv. & Prosecution of Strangulation TMPA88
786091Law Enforcement Operations-Driving88
786092Law Enforcement Operations-Firearms88
667003FEMA Vehicle Borne IED Detection (CDP-003-14)88
78148AWR-148-W Crisis Management School based88
78339MGT339-W Resource Inventory Management88
667489TDEM Manage Spont Vol in Disaster (TDEM G-489)88
667420TDEM Shelter Operations Course (T-420)88
3602Law Enforcement Flight Training8600
668907FEMA Initial LE Resp Suicide Bomb (FEMA PER-907)88
78400MGT414 - Advanced Critical Infrastructure Protecti88
78401MGT452 - Physical & Cybersecurity for Critical Inf88
8810Women in Command824
52005DEA Basic Concealment Course88
784006DPS-Tactical Emer Casualty Care (TECC)816
667205TDEM Recovery Disaster-Local Gov (TDEM G-205)816
20002DDACTS Strategic Planning Workshop88
37015TPCAF - Make Room for Marriage Workshop88
66132901FEMA Field Force ExtricationTactics Refresher88
3917Justice Involved Veterans Jail Training88
102100APCO Active Shooter Inc for Pub SafetyTele 2nd ed88
5315Active Bystandership in Law Enforcement88
102102APCO Bullying & Neg in COmm Ctr, 2nd ed88
88001RITE Academy - Six Lessons to Racial Intelligence88
102108APCO Crisis Nego for Tele88
102110APCO Cust Service in Today's Pub Safety Comm Ctr88
102111APCO Dist Oper and the Comm Ctr88
102113APCO EMD Mgr88
102115APCO Pub Safety Comm Staffing & Empl Retention88
102116APCO Surviving Stress88
78410DHS - BMAP - CL99
66271FEMA Antici Haz Weather/Comm Risk (FEMA IS-271)910
66275FEMA EOC's Role Comm. PRR (FEMA IS-275)1010
66279FEMA Retrof Flood-Prone Resid Struct (FEMA IS-279)1010
66288FEMA Role Vol Agen Emer Managment (FEMA IS-288)1010
66292FEMA Disaster Basics (FEMA IS-292)1010
66208FEMA State Disaster Management (FEMA IS-208a)1010
66230FEMA Principles of Emerg Manag (FEMA IS-230a)1010
66022FEMA Guide to Citizen Prep (FEMA IS-22)1010
66005FEMA Introduction to Haz Mat (FEMA IS-5a)1010
66007FEMA Citizen's Guide to Disaster Assist(FEMA IS-7)1010
66008FEMA Build EarthquakesTomo (FEMA IS-8)1010
66600FEMA Special Consid/Public Assistance (FEMA IS-6001010
66393FEMA Introduction to Mitigation (FEMA IS-393a)1010
66394FEMA Prot Home/Small Bus/ Disaster (FEMA IS-394a)1010
66513FEMA Pro Emergency Management (FEMA IS-513)1010
66534FEMA Emer Response/Terrorism (NFA) (FEMA IS-534)1010
66302FEMA Emer Radiological RespTrans (FEMA IS-302)1010
66324FEMA Community Hurricane Prep (FEMA IS-324a)1010
66330FEMA Refresh Course/Rad Response (FEMA IS-330)1010
66340FEMA Hazardous Material Prevention (FEMA IS-340)1010
66346FEMA Orien Haz Mat Med Per (FEMA IS-346)1010
66253FEMA Coord Enviro/Historic Pres (FEMA IS-253)1010
66650FEMA Build Partnership Tribal Comm (FEMA IS-650a)1010
66613FEMA Technical Writing (FEMA IS-613)1010
66280FEMA Retro Flood-Prone Resid Bldg (FEMA IS-279.a)1010
6615288FEMA Role Vol Orgs in Emer Manage (FEMA IS-288a)1010
66347FEMA Haz-Mat Medical Pers (FEMA IS-346)1010
7820Security Awareness Training (Securing the Human)1010
667358TDEM Evac and Re-Entry Planning (G-358)1216
667272FEMA Warning Coordination (FEMA G-272)1212
62042Defensive Tactics: Canine Encounters - Train the T1212
78384MGT 384 EOC Role in Community Cybersecurity1212
667108FEMA Comm Mass Care & Emer. Asst (FEMA G108)1212
66318FEMA Mitigation Plan Loca/Tribal Comm (FEMA IS-3181212
66400FEMA Adv ICS Command Gen Staff (FEMA IS-400)1216
381011Cyber_investigation 101 STOP Secure Techniques for1216
3951DARE Instructor Course1280
3861National WMD Standardized Awareness Trainer1212
78405MGT412 - Sport & Special Event Evacuation Training1415
78399AWR167 - Sport Event Risk Management1416
667957FEMA ICS All-Haz Liaison Officer TtT (FEMA E0957)1414
667236TDEM Staging Area Manager (STAM)1414
667318TDEM Local Mitgation Planning (G-318)1414
20003Crime/Traffic Safety Ana Tech to Support DDACTS 1414
20004Advancing the DDACTS Analytical Toolset - inter.1414
20005Data Driven Decision Making for Chief Exec1414
788009COMMEX (TtT)1540
40063TFSA Foundation of Fingerprint Comparison1616
67005FEMA CBRNE HOT Train for CBRNE Incidents PER-2621616
78335MGT335-W Event Security Planning1616
3970Basic SRO (NASRO)1650
667235TDEM Advanced Emergency Planning (TDEM G-235a)1616
783100DPS-Vehicle Close Quarters Battle1640
667103FEMA Planning: Emergency Operations (E-103)1616
667105FEMA Public Information and Warning (E-105)1616
667075FEMA LE Active Shooter LSU FEMA PER2751624
4070Trauma Informed / Sexual Assault Investigations1640
69199NCBRT Crit Decision Making Complex Coor Attacks1616
37013TPCAF - Managing Admin. Operations1616
3772FBI NAA Comp Officer Resiliency1616
3824Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce TtT1616
53204 STAR Defensive Tactics Instructor Course1616
40065TFSA Foundations of Courtroom Testimony (Online)1616
3696Blue Courage 1620
3697Blue Courage Train the Trainer 1620
7824Advanced Undercover Techniques/Survival1636
3339Scientific Statement and Linguistic Analysis1616
667720TDEM Mitigation Grants Course1616
667363FEMA Hurricane Prep Coastal Comm (FEMA G-363)1616
667427FEMA Comm Emer Resp Program Manager1616
667428FEMA Comm Emer Resp Team Train the Trainer1624
6614303FEMA Radiological Assessment Cons (FEMA IS-303)1616
66310FEMA Weapons Mass Destruction (FEMA G-310)1616
667270FEMA Recovery for Disaster (FEMA G-270.4)1616
667710FEMA Mitigation Planning (FEMA G-710)1616
667288FEMA Donations Management (FEMA G-288)1616
667146FEMA Homeland Sec Exercise HSEEP (FEMA L-146)1624
667197FEMA Emerg Plan People Special Needs (FEMA G-197)1616
667620FEMA Texas Disaster Recovery Course (FEMA G-620)1616
667610FEMA Basic Emergency Managment Workshop (FEMA - 611616
3739Character-Based Policing (Character First!)1640
3816WMD Awareness for LE Executives1616
3322Patrol Rifle1680
5104The Telecommunicator and Administrative Issues16100
55023Law Enforcement Response to Terrorism Part I1616
5204Admin Issues in Telecommunications Function1699
5202Concepts and Functions of Fire&Emergency Med Svcs.16100
3406MSET Train the Trainer1624
3747FBI-LEEDA Executive Survival1640
3311ALERRT Level 11650
52001Introduction to Operational Medicine1616
381019Advanced Intelligence Analysis to Prevent Terroris1632
3894Basic Scuba for Law Enforcement16100
3863Explosive Breaching16120
40062TFSA Basic Property Technician1616
3325Precision Rifle1640
36012CrossFit Trainer level 11616
3337Firearms Proficiency Officer Training1632
4041Cartel Operations/Investigations1640
3309Computer Forensics 16260
2140Defensive Tactics Instructor 1680
102107APCO Comp Quality in Comm Ctr1616
88002RITE Academy - Racial Intelligence Instructor1616
102105APCO Fund of Tachtical Disp, 1st ed1616
3394ALERRT Exterior Response to Active Shooter Events1624
66300FEMA Int. ICS Exp. Incident (Class Rm) (FEMA IS-301821
667319TDEM Inter. Incident Command Sys for Expanding Inc1824
3764FBI-LEEDA Professional Standards & Ethics1828
3883FEMA Continuity of Operation Plan TtT1818
667703FEMA NIMS Resourse Management (FEMA G-703)2020
3771FBI NAA Comp Resiliency TtT2020
667361FEMA Flood Fight Ops (FEMA G-361)2020
667386FEMA Mass Fatalities Inc Response (FEMA G-386)2020
3966BOAT Operator/Crew Pursuit and Stop Course (TPWD)2050
3965BOAT Tactical Operators Course (TPWD)2050
66449FEMA ICS Train the Trainer (FEMA IS-449)2034
3745FBI-LEEDA Command Institute 2080
3746FBI-LEEDA Supervisor Leadership Institute2080
50002NFA Juvenile Firesetter Specialist II2020
50001NFA Juvenile Firesetter Specialist I2020
3969MSLEP Maritime Security Course2080
5316Active Bystandership in LE-Trainer Cert Crs2020
3774FBI NAA Leadership/Management Courses 2048
52050DEA: Level A Clandestine Lab Recertification2024
65966FEMA-Prev. Radiological/Nuclear Det. Maritime Ops.2124
381500White Collar Crime and Terrorism (WCCAT)2121
667393FEMA Mitigation Emergency Managers FEMA G-393)2121
6670969FEMA All Hazard Communication Unit Lead (FEMA E-092128
667599TDEM Int. Emer Oper Ctr Functions2222
667300FEMA G2300 Int. EOC Functions2222
54003Inter Emer Operations Ctr Funct.2222
667960FEMA NIMS ICS AH Div/Group Sup FEMA L9602232
3760FBI-LEEDA Executive Institute2240
667958FEMA NIMS ICS All Haz OSC (FEMA E/L-958)2232
382008NW3C Intelligence Writing and Briefing2222
3711Supervisor II22100
3702Field Training Officer2440
3710Basic Police Supervision24100
3599Jail Firearms Course2480
3323Patrol Rifle Instructor24120
5301Criminal Law for Telecommunication Personnel24100
5303The Telecommunicator Role Involving Hazardous Mate24100
5105Build Interpersonal Communication Skills24100
381100Financial Crimes Against Seniors Training (FCAS)2424
38721Advanced Instructional Techniques 24100
5108Emerg Medical Dispatching (NECI)2424
2103Crime Prevention Envir Design CPTED - ICJS 200924120
3748FBI-LEEDA Managing Internal Affairs Investigations2440
39001NITV Analytical Interview System2424
3335NCBRT Transit Tools (AWR-157)2424
667392FEMA Multi-Haz Emer Plan-Schools TTT (FEMA E/L-3622424
66361FEMA ICS Planning/Response All Hazs (FEMA-MGT 360)2424
53736New Detectives Training-El Paso2440
667321FEMA Tactical Plan-WMD Incident (FEMA MGT-321)2424
667290FEMA Basic PIO (FEMA G-290)2424
3759FBI-LEEDA Online Supervisory Liability Training2424
57022Basic Tactical Dispatcher Course Denco 9112440
3269SAFVIC TCPus Instructor Course2424
54002DHS-Intermediate Incident Management (ICS-320)2424
3762FBI-LEEDA Advanced Supervisor Liability2424
668200FEMA Field Force Operations (FEMA PER-200)2424
667969FEMA NIMS ICS All Hazards Type III (FEMA E/L-969)2424
4067Trauma affected Veterans2424
78300MGT Field Froce Command and Training MGT 3002424
78402MGT361- Managing Critical Incidents for Higher Edu2424
667229NCBRT Intro to CAMEO Suite (PER-229)2432
3351CTS Chemical/Impact Munitions Instructor Course2432
667102FEMA Science of Disaster (E-102)2424
2225IALEFI Firearms Master Instuctor Course2424
784007DPS-Tactical Emer Casualty Care TtT (TECC)2440
6617110Respiratory Protection: Program Dev. And Admin.2424
667141FEMA-Instr Pres & Eval Skills G-1412424
69170NCBRT Active Threat Integrated Response2424
78056SAP302 TEEX Crime Prev thru Enviro Design2440
786108DPS-SWAT Basic Tactical Tracking2424
40067TFSA Courtroom Testimony Practical Applications2424
102106APCO Comm Ctr Supervisor 2424
3768FBI-LEEDA First Amend. Training Prog.604LE2424
3393ALERRT First Resp. Medical TtT2440
102109APCO Comm Training Officer Crs2424
383031Cybercop 310 NTOS2727
54010Incident Resp. Terror Bombing NMTech Instructor2727
383033Cyber Cop 201 IDRA2836
3766FBI-LEEDA Reflective Leadership2836
66963FEMA NIMS ICS All-Haz Plan Chief TtT (FEMA E-0963)2828
667954FEMA NIMS ICS All Hazards SOFR (FEMA E/L-954)2828
667970FEMA NIMS ICS All Hazard SPUL (FEMA E/L-970)2828
667265TDEM Basic Instructional Skills (TDEM-265)2828
1996ACFE CFE Exam Prep Course2832
66965NIMS ICS All Haz Resources Unit Lead (E/L-965)2828
383151Cognitive Interview Skills-Classen-Buck2828
6013Fitness Nutirtion Specialist30150
787011DPS-Six Sigma Training30120
66950NIMS ICS ALL HAZARDS (E950/L950)3040
3775FBI-LEEDA Master Public Information Officer3040
102104APCO LE Comm'n, 1st ed3232
102112APCO Emer Med Dispatch3232
3321Technical Emerg. Response CBRNE Incidents3232
38723Advanced Crime Scene--Tarrant Co.3232
3749FBI Command College3280
66930FEMA Integrated Emergency Management (FEMA IS-930)3232
381300Foundations of Intelligence Analysis (FIAT)3240
66958NIMS ICS All-Hazards PSC OSC (FEMA E/L 958)3240
667962FEMA NIMS All-haz Spec PSC (FEMA E/L-962)3232
667945FEMA State National Response Frame (FEMA L-945)3232
383020Cybercop 315 WinArt 3333
667952FEMA NIMS All-Haz Position PIO (FEMA E/L-952)3535
667968FEMA NIMS All Haz Logistics Chief TtT (FEMA E0968)3540
6612908FEMA Adv IV: Concepts & Issues in Emerg Mgmt Com3535
6612909FEMA Adv II: Prof Style in Emerg Management3535
66951NIMS ICS All-Hazards ICS TtT (EMI-951)3535
381000Financial Records Examination and Analysis (FREA)3636
3701First Line Supervision36100
4071Basic Code Enforcement3636
3353Edge Weapons Instr Undercover Officers CDTA3636
667202TDEM Debris Management (TDEM G-202)3636
3315ALERRT- Level 1 Train the Trainer3748
3758FBI-LEEDS Course4080
3805Haz-Mat Incident Commander4080
3505Fire Inspector40202
37001TPCAF - Developing Leaders for Texas Law Enforceme40120
40061TFSA Forensic Entomology Course4040
3210Cyber Crimes Investigator Certification Course4040
40051TFSA Basic Criminal Investigation Course4040
40053TFSA Forensic Photography Course4040
40054TFSA Forensic Photography II Course4040
40055TFSA Latent Print Processing Course4040
40056TFSA Courtroom Testimony Course4040
40057TFSA Bloodstain Patten Analysis Course4040
40058TFSA Processing Evidence of Violent Crimes Course4040
40059TFSA Death Investigation Course4040
40060TFSA Skeletal Death Investigation Course4040
3302Basic Hostage Negotiation Course40100
3795Small Police Management Program4080
2101Crime Prevention I - ICJS 200940120
2102Crime Prevention II - ICJS 200940120
66009FEMA Managing Floodplain Devel NFIP (FEMA IS-9)4040
77020Money Laundering Assett Forfieture FLETC4040
67004FEMA CBRNE HazMat Tech4040
66967NIMS Logistic Section Chief (L967)4040
57023Dispatch Training Officer Program (DENCO)4060
387021COl. Henry F Williams Homicide Seminar4040
40064TFSA Forensic Fire Fatality Investigation4040
670305NFA All Haz Incident Manage Team (NFA 0305)4040
786106DPS Leadership Development School4080
6615305FEMA All Hazard Management Team (FEMA O-305)4040
21013PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor4040
52070Adv Acc Invest. Phase 2 (S. Tex Border Reg Acad) 4040
667266FEMA CDP Instructor Course (FEMA PER-266)4040
3380ALERRT AAIR Train the Trainer4048
3354Shooting Reconstruction 4040
667110FEMA Foundations Course TtT (FEMA E/L 110)4040
40066TFSA Latent Print Comparison I4040
9814Basic Force Science Specialist Course 4040
3392ALERRT SORD Train the Trainer 4040
102103APCO Instr Tech Course, 2nd ed4040
102101APCO Pub Safety Tele 1, 7th ed4040
3365Advanced S.W.A.T. 40120
3376ALERRT Breaching for 1st Responders TtT crs4048
2228IALEFI Firearms Instructor Course4343
21014NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist5555
3301Basic S.W.A.T. Course60100
670208NFA Interviewing/ Interrogation/Court (NFA-R0208)7070
667101FEMA Foundation of Emergency Mgmt8080
670206NFA Fire/Arson Origin-Cause (NFA 0206)8080
5100Module 1 Communication Skills80150
5200Module 2 General Overview80150
5302The Telecommunicator in a Crisis Mgmt Role80150
5300Module 3 Law Enforcement Specialization80199
2097Crime Scene Response Team8080
40052TFSA Forensic Technician Course8080
3825PERF Senior Management for Police Training86120
787009DPS-Leadership College100320
77018Federal Investigator (FLETC)100500
782037DPS-Adv Texas Ranger Crime Scene Invest.120120
4250US Immigration and Customs Enf 287(g)150150
3750FBI National Academy (Session)255440
9813Advanced Force Science Specialist Course 300300