Training Requirements


Training Mandates due by 08/31/2025


Individuals not appointed with a department must go thru one of our Training Providers to complete the required training listed above.  TCOLE will not accept training that is not thru one of our providers.

Licensed Peace Officers (includes County Sheriffs and Deputy Constables):

Current 2-year Training Unit: (09/01/23 - 08/31/25):

 A minimum of 40 hours of training to include the current Legislative Update course #3188, 16 hours of ALERRT training*, Finding Wellness - Building a Healthier Life (#4202), Trauma-Informed Approach to Sexual Assault Investigations (#470 or #4070)**.

*The following course numbers count towards the ALERRT training mandate: #3381, #3380, #3376, #3377, #3394, #3393, #3317, #3318, #3311, #3382, #3392, #3312, #3315, #3607, #3606, #3355, #3357, #78052, #667371.

**If not completed in the 09/01/2021-08/31/2023 unit.

Current 4-year Training Cycle: (09/01/21 - 08/31/25):
 Licensed Peace Officers without Intermediate (or higher) Proficiency Certification must complete:
Cultural Diversity (#3939 or #394), Crisis Intervention Training (#3843 or #1850), Special Investigative Topics (#3232), De-escalation (#1849).

Constables and Deputy Constables:

 New Constable Training (#3742) thru LEMIT within 2 years of being appointed/elected.
 Continuing Education (#3743) thru LEMIT each 4-year training cycle thereafter. 
 Civil Process (#1415) exclusively thru Texas Justice Court Training Center (TJCTC) at Texas State University each 4-yr training cycle.
 16 hours of ALERRT training every 2-year unit

*This mandate overrides the aforementioned Unit and Cycle requirements, but not the “Additional Mandated Courses”.

Deputy Constables:

 In addition to the aforementioned “Licensed Peace Officer” requirements, the Civil Process course (#3131) must be completed each 4-yr training cycle.


Police Chiefs:

 Must take 80 hours of New Chief's Training - New Chief Development Program (TCOLE 3780) AND Texas Police Chief Leadership Series (TCOLE 3740) - within 2 years of first appointment as Texas Chief of Police.
 Must take Chief’s Continuing Education - Texas Police Chief Leadership Series (TCOLE 3740) - each Unit, thereafter. Course #3740 will contain 8 hours of ALERRT training, however, an additional 8 hours of ALERRT training must be obtained.

*This mandate overrides the aforementioned Peace Officer Unit and Cycle requirements, but not the “Additional Mandated Courses”.


County Jailers:

 Cultural Diversity course (#3939 or #394) every 4-yr training cycle by 08/31/2025. If you have an active Peace Officer license and a Peace Officer Intermediate Proficiency Certificate or higher, you do not need to complete Cultural Diversity.



Current 2-year Training Unit: (09/01/23 - 08/31/25):

 A minimum of 20 hours of training to include Cardiac Emergency Communications (#786)*.

*A current, nationally recognized CPR certification is required in order to enroll.





Regional Field Service Agents