Federal Assistance and Benefits

Federal Assistance and Benefits

Public Safety Officers' Benefit
Provides death and education benefits to survivors of fallen law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other first responders, and disability benefits to officers catastrophically injured in the line of duty.

Bureau of Justice Assistance
Provides a one time financial benefit to eligible survivors of federal, state, and local police killed in the line of duty.

Department of Health and Human Services Social Security Administration
When someone who has worked and paid into Social Security dies, survivor benefits can be paid to certain family members and may be more than the value of your commercial life insurance.

U.S. Department of Labor Office Workers Compensation Programs
Benefits are provided if a state or local law enforcement is killed while engaged in the apprehension or attempted apprehension of a person who has committed a crime against the U.S.

Veteran's Assistance and Benefits

Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance
Group insurance coverage for members on active duty in the uniformed services.

Veteran’s Administration
Benefits are available to the spouse and children of deceased veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Veterans of Foreign Wars
Members are provided with a personal accident insurance up to $1500.

State of Texas Assistance and Benefits

Crime Victims Compensation
Established to assist innocent victims and dependents of deceased victims of violent crimes.

Employees Retirement System of Texas
Financial aid provided to survivors of Law Enforcement Officers who are killed in the line of duty while enforcing a State law.

Texas Worker’s Compensation Commission
Weekly checks that replace part of the wages lost as a result of a worker being killed on the job.

Texas Educational Benefits

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Provides for the children and spouse of a Police Officer to attend any State supported college or university free

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Local Benefits

The Hundred Club of Central Texas
Helps provide financial support to families within the limits of Travis County
This organization has a list of other 100 Clubs throughout the state of Texas.

Private Organizations

Fleetwood Foundation
Provides immediate support to Certified Texas Peace Officers and their families whose death or injury was incurred in the line of duty.

Social and Fraternal Organizations

Fraternal Order of Eagles
Provides financial assistance for surviving children of Officers killed in the line of duty who were active members at the time of their death.

Knights of Columbus
A Catholic organization that provides scholarships to children of members of the Order, who as a result of criminal violence lost their lives or have become totally disabled while in the lawful performance of their duties.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart.
Scholarship program that provides secondary education for children and grandchildren of members of MOPH.

Professional Organizations

National Sheriff’s Association
Provides financial support for members.

Texas Municipal Police Association
Provides a one time $10,000 benefit for surviving kin of members of TMPA.

Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas
Will provide, to members, a $10,000 line of duty death benefit

Support Organizations

American Association of Retired Persons
Social outreach and support for those who have faced a stressful event with links to Widowed Persons Services.

Association of Death Education and Counseling
Provides counseling referrals

The Compassionate Friends, Inc.
A nationwide support group for bereaved parents and siblings.

Concerns of Police Survivors
A national networking organization that provides emotional, financial, and legal assistance.

Critical Incident Stress Foundation
Provides debriefings for family members.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Support group for victims of drunk drivers.

National Organization for Victim Assistance
A support group for all forms of victimization

Parents of Murdered Children
A self-help organization that offers emotional support and information about surviving the loss of a loved one to murder.

Other Benefits

Credit Card Travelers Insurance
If spouse happened to be traveling at the time he/she passed away, some credit card companies will provide travelers insurance if the trip was financed through that company.

National Guard
Members are provided with $50,000 life insurance policy that covers them on and off military duty.

National Rifle Association
If Police Officer is feloniously killed in the line of duty and is a current member, the surviving spouse or family member is entitled to $25,000 death benefit