Bill Tracking

TCOLE Bill Tracking Table

86th Legislature - Regular Session

Note:  This table is designed to asist TCOLE commissioners and staff in keeping track of state legislative actions that may affect the Commission.  It is not designed to be a comprehensive review.  For additional information about a particular bill, including full text, please visit

Bill Tracking

Bill Description Author
SB 2384 Relating to the establishment of the Office for Sexual Assault Survivor Assistance within the criminal justice division of the governor's office. Watson
SB 2158 Relating to tactical medical officers; requiring an occupational certificate; authorizing fees. Buckingham
SB 2114 Relating to certain duties of peace officers and law enforcement agencies concerning certain information subject to disclosure to a defendant. West
SB 1967 Relating to the duties of the Texas School Safety Center and school districts regarding public school safety and security. Zaffirini
SB 1879 Relating to firearms training for county jailers. Schwertner
SB 1849 Relating to public school safety measures, access to mental health professionals in public schools and during certain emergencies, access to criminal history and mental health records, and access to firearms; requiring a certificate for employment as a sc Miles
SB 1827 Relating to the emergency administration of an epinephrine auto-injector by peace officers. Menendez
SB 1811 Relating to continuing education training on civil process for constables. Lucio
HB 4571 Relating to criminal justice. Coleman
HB 4483 Relating to peace officer education and training on individuals with disabilities. Davis
HB 4236 Relating to a limited viewing of certain body worn camera recordings. Anderson
HB 3858 Relating to an employment termination report submitted by a law enforcement agency. Johnson
HB 3757 Relating to a law enforcement policy regarding body worn cameras. Gonzalez
HB 3706 Relating to a license to carry a handgun for active and retired railroad peace officers and special cattle rangers; authorizing a fee. Dean
SB 1749 Relating to a study by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement of the reporting and use of information concerning the termination of a license holder's employment. Seliger
SB 1397 Relating to exempting certain honorably retired peace officers from continuing education requirements. Flores
SB 1218 Relating to hiring and licensing certain veterans as peace officers. Alvarado
HB 3527 Relating to inclusion of instruction on the trafficking of persons in the basic training curriculum for peace officers. Rose
HB 3526 Relating to the duties of and training for certain officers and jailers regarding the child safety check alert list. Rose
HB 3503 Relating to firearms training for county jailers. Anderson
HB 3416 Relating to hiring and licensing certain persons as peace officers. Geren
HB 3409 Relating to requirements for training regarding trauma for judges, prosecuting attorneys, correctional officers, and law enforcement officers. Reynolds
HB 3057 Relating to the appointment, powers, duties, rights, and privileges of special Texas constables. Harris
HB 2754 Relating to the issuance of a citation or notice to appear for certain misdemeanors punishable by fine only and the court's authority to order a defendant confined in jail for failure to pay a fine or cost, for failure to appear, or for contempt. White
HB 2701 Relating to county jailer training and continuing education requirements regarding interacting with pregnant women confined in jail. White