• The number of training providers that one person may represent at the annual TCOLE training coordinators conference is limited to one.  Each representative must be affiliated with the training provider. This is necessary to ensure that individuals attending the annual training coordinators’ conference have a vested interest in the training provider they represent.  By preventing a single representative from appearing on behalf of multiple training coordinators, a coordinator will directly benefit from the training provided at the conference.  As a result, training throughout the state will be improved and up to date.

  • Successful completion of a commission approved crisis communications course is required for telecommunicator minimum standards. This is necessary to ensure individuals applying for certification have crisis skills for the certification sought.

  • Training requirements for civil rights, racial sensitivity, and cultural diversity for a licensee who has completed or is exempted from such training under another commission license or certificate is eliminated. This is necessary to minimize training course duplication requirements.

  • Investigative Hypnosis proficiency certificate is valid for two years.  Keeping the certificate requires an update course once every two years. This is necessary to ensure that officers holding the proficiency certificate are up to date with the most current information on training and technology.