SB 158 requires TCOLE to compile an annual report of expenditure data related to body-worn cameras for agencies receiving grants through the Office of the Governor. The bill also requires TCOLE to create a model body-worn camera policy and a model training (Course 8158).

SB 386 expands the school marshal program to allow public junior colleges to appoint school marshals.

HB 872 changes the reactivation process for peace officers with ten years of service or more. Under this legislation, peace officers with at least 10 years of full-time service, but less than 15 years of service, may not be required to complete a full Basic Peace Officer Course to reactivate their license, regardless of the amount of time since their last appointment.

HB 3211 allows a peace officer to take a new supervisor course (Course 3737) up to a year prior to appointment as a supervisor, or up to one year following such an appointment.