• Licensing exams required for each license issued.

  • SB 155 required all applicants for licensure to be of good moral character.

  • Legislation became effective that provided for suspensions of licenses in addition to revocation.

  • New legislation required 2 FBI fingerprint cards, CCH and L-3 Psychological Statement to be submitted with the L-1A if the individual has been out of law enforcement for a period of 180 days.

  • Added to Art. 2.12, C.C.P. – water district personnel under 51.132, certain port authorities and state medical examiners.

  • Termination of grandfather exemption.  (See Note Below.)
    • Note:  During this period, beginning in October, all peace officer grandfathers were given a chance (notified by mail) to pass the state licensing exam in order to “get out from under the grandfather clause.”  Those passing the exam were issued Basic Peace Officer certification.  The last test date for grandfathering was 8/31/1984.

  • SB 155 set continuing education training requirements for peace officers established. Agencies to provide a training program during a 24-month period, not to exceed 40 hours.  Commission must approve courses.