• Chief Administrator Responsibilities for Class A and B Waivers was amended to clarify requirements for eligibility of misdemeanor waiver requests on a case-by-case basis and allow consideration of a waiver for Class A misdemeanor offenses.  This change allows a chief administrator to request a waiver on behalf of an applicant with a Class A misdemeanor offense following a five-year waiting period. 

  • Minimum Standards for Telecommunicators now conforms disqualifying military discharges and family violence language to current suspension and revocation rule.

  • Legislatively Required Continuing Education for Licensees was renumbered from 217.11 to 218.3 to conform to statutory amendments by adding telecommunicator requirements for licensees receiving continuing education credit. This new rule is necessary to set out the Commission’s general approval process for all continuing education credit for licensees since telecommunicators are now licensed.

  • Examinee Requirements now incorporates examination accommodation requirements into rule.

  • Out of state, federal and military officers attempting to become licensed in Texas must complete the TCOLE rules overview course as a requirement for endorsement to take the state licensing exam.