• Special Investigator proficiency certificate was changed to the Sexual Assault/Family Violence Investigator proficiency certificate.  Certificate validity is limited to two years, and requires an updated course or be assigned primarily as a sexual assault/family violence investigator once every two years.

  • The name of the certificate was changed to better reflect the purpose of the certificate.  Keeping the certificate requires an update course and or primary assignment as a cybercrime investigator once every two years.

  • Court Security Specialist proficiency certificate was added and requires individual to be a licensed peace officer or jailer, complete a commission approved courses, is valid for two years, keeping the certificate valid requires an update course or be assigned primarily as a court security practitioner once every two years.

  • Administrative penalty amounts were added allowing the commission to impose monetary penalties against a law enforcement agency or governmental entity for violations of commission statutes or rules. Aggravated and mitigating circumstances can be considered in determining final penalty amounts.  The executive director can enter into agreed orders.  The law enforcement agency or governmental entity has the opportunity to challenge alleged violations.

  • If a telecommunicator appointment is made after a 180-day break in service, the agency must notify the commission of the appointment no later than seven days after the appointment.  An agency may not submit a separation report prior to the exhaustion of administrative appeals.