Rule 215.10, Course Instructor Requirements, holds a course instructor accountable for the training class.

Rule 217.7, Reporting Appointment and Separation of a Licensee, this new rule is a rewrite of the current §217.7 and moves the reporting date of the L-1 Appointment of Licensee report from 30 days to 7 days to conform with the reporting requirements for the F-5 Notice of Separation.  This rewrite also adds a requirement that TCOLE records relating to the appointment of an officer be housed with the chief administrator due to security issues with criminal history records being accessible to individuals not authorized to review these records.

Rule 223.15, License Suspension, this rule now matches the current revocation rule.

Rule 223.18, Suspension Following Felony Arrest, this amendment removes discretionary criteria for felony arrest suspensions from the Executive Director.  Thus, such suspensions are ministerial actions executed by the Executive Director on behalf of the Commission.