• $5.00 fee charged for duplicate license or certificate, along with written request.  Fee must be cashier’s check or money order.

  • Eligibility to test handled by district team leaders rather than licensing.  This included reactivations as well as out-of-state and college equivalents.

  • Intermediate core courses are required for peace officer intermediate certification, if the Basic Peace Officer certificate is issued after 1/1/1987.

  • Reactivation rule passed, requiring training and/or passing of re-entry test if peace officer (previously licensed) has been out of service (including reserve status) for the past two-year period.  Peace officer is allowed to take the re-entry test once without training.  If the test is failed, then the applicant must complete the re-entry training and pass the test.  Rule states that the applicant is “unlicensed” and is not eligible to work as a peace officer until after the test is passed (Effective date is 1/1/1987, enforced 5/1/1987).