MyTCOLE 3.0 is here!

A few important things to know:

-You will need to register for a brand new account. The login for your TCOLE online training does not carry over.

-Your TCOLE PID will be required at each log in.

-With this account, you can pull up your own personal status report, which shows work and training history, as well as keep your contact information up to date with the Commission.

-Credentials used for the current TCOLE online training system are separate- for now. The link to that current system is inside the MyTCOLE account.

-We are in the process of integrating the new learning management system, which will allow for one username/password to be used for all applications.

-We recommend you use your personal email as the primary email so you can continue to access your account if you leave your current agency.

Link to the new MyTCOLE 3.0: