Corporal John Willhelm

Speaker Bio:

John Willhelm is a Corporal with the Lubbock Police Department and is currently a member of the department’s Crisis Intervention Team.  Corporal Willhelm served in the United States Air Force as a Security Forces member from 2006 through 2011. While in the USAF, Corporal Willhelm specialized in the security of U.S. nuclear assets.  Corporal Willhelm has been employed by the Lubbock Police Department since 2011.  Since becoming a Corporal, Mr. Willhelm has achieved certifications as a Field Training Officer, Crime Scene Officer, Police Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Taser Instructor, Mental Health Peace Officer, Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator, and is trained in Advanced CISM Individual.  Corporal Willhelm was assigned to the patrol division from 2012 – 2016 where he worked the midnight shift. In August 2016, Corporal Willhelm was appointed as the range master and lead firearm instructor for the LPD and assigned to the Lubbock Training Academy.  In September 2017, Corporal Willhelm attended the CIT International Conference to achieve the certification as a CIT Coordinator.  In October of 2018, Corporal Willhelm assisted with the development of LPD’s first mental health unit. Since being a part of this Crisis Intervention Team, Corporal Willhelm has strengthened community relations with mental health providers in Lubbock to help bridge the gap between the justice system and community members diagnosed with a mental illness. His primary duties are to respond to calls for service relating to mental health crisis, coordinate with community partners in providing overlapping care for the community, and to provide training within the LPD relating to mental health topics.  In addition to this, Corporal Willhelm is a member of the Lubbock County “Freedom Court” which is drug rehabilitation program that is monitored by Judge Douglas Freitag. Judge Freitag’s predecessor, Judge William Sowder specifically sought out Corporal Willhelm to participate in this program due to his experience with community policing, substance abuse, and mental health coordination so that he would have law enforcement representation within his court.  In 2019, the City of Lubbock was awarded the BJA FY19 Category 2: Strategic Planning for Law Enforcement and Mental Health Collaboration grant. Corporal Willhelm is a key member of this grant and works toward identifying the overlap and deficiencies in mental health training that is being taught to those shareholders within the community that encounter the community members that suffer from a mental health crisis.  Corporal Willhelm is a co-investigator for the COPS Office LEMHWA Program 2020 Award #2020MHWXK017 that was awarded to LPD in August of 2020. He is assisting currently with the management and logistical considerations related to the LPD Wellness Program that was created as part of the awarded grant. Corporal Willhelm will be a co-investigator for this continuation grant also.

Course Summary:

Conflict Solutions and Active Listening:

During this course, the student will review the basic models of active listening skills. The student will have the opportunity to practice those active listening skills in a classroom environment. The student will receive feedback from fellow officers and instructors to assist them in improving their active listening skills. The student will also learn about different types of conflict, how conflict occurs, how officers become involved in situations where conflict has occurred, and how active listening skills can assist in resolving conflict.